MENA Branch

IDGTE MENA aims to be the leading independent professional body for power engineers, and play a key role in providing knowledge, training, developing and representing the industry in the MENA.

MENA presentaion


To provide companies, manufacturers,  managers, engineers and technicians of the MENA region,  working and associated with diesels and gas turbines with an essential  technical forum for exchange of technical information, visits of operating facilities, attendance of technical meetings, seminars & social events and accreditation of operators and maintenance personnel.

CPC’s being one of the 1st IPPs in the region, its interest in establishing the IDGTE branch is related to its mission for  “creating value for all its stakeholders” including its immediate environment: North Africa and the M-E and to the belief that a company should be a learning entity, for its environment and along with IDGTE inspire others.

IDGTE will therefore  among other things, help update the technical personnel from the MENA region,  to date latest know_how in GT technology and most importantly create a professional link across borders, independent from the special interest  of manufacturers or consultants.

Our objective is that the MENA branch, will help advance the knowhow of the GT in the MENA region and set the pace for better collaboration within the technical and engineering profession.



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